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Dr. Music Songs is the in-house department of the music rights administration of our artists and cooperates as a co-publisher with Schubert Music Publishing. Together, we take care of the best treatment of our songwriters concerning the rights management. We’re actively placing the work of our composers and songwriters in film, advertising, TV and games in a healthy way. Further we also pass on fresh songs to established interpreters and producers who are looking for hits for their releases. For Dr. Music Songs the artist is the center of attention with his songs and lyrics and we take care of the best possible evaluation.

We support our artists with the PR of their release, arrange tour offers and support our musicians regarding the artists development at any time.

Of course we also pay attention to the worldwide royalty administration where we take good care of the correct royalty accounting of all music usage in radio, TV and movies as well as the licences for mechanical rights (audio and audiovisual carriers) and the performing rights at concerts by the international collecting societies like GEMA, SUISA, ASCAP, BMI or SIAE.

Dr. Music Songs is globally very well set-up thanks to the cooperation with Schubert Music Publishing. With a total of 13 own offices in the most important music markets and a strong sub-publisher network in the rest of the world Schubert Music Publishing is the perfect partner for our high goals and standards as a music publisher.


  • Worldwide music rights management (collecting of the royalties and control of the accounting etc.)
  • Active song-plugging for songwriters
  • Experienced sync and licence department
  • PR support
  • Advantages for bands and artists with their PR campaigns by Dr. Music Promotion
  • Support of the artist development and getting in contact with partners

The precious edition Limited Access Publishing with bands and musicians like Daniel Wagner (F.R.E.I., 4BACKWOODS), KAMIKAZE KINGS, MERCURY TIDE or CONTRADICTION remains with BMG Rights Management. Of course, requests for the in the edition published artists are still going to be dealt with actively.


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