Dean M. Collins | Land Where The Wishes Come True

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Tracklist “Land Where The Wishes Come True” (Album):

  1. Land Where The Wishes Come True [feat. Michael Cleveland & Justin Moses]
  2. I Don’t Think She Knows [feat. Michael Cleveland & Kenny Aronoff]
  3. It Could Have Been Me [feat. Michael Cleveland & Smokin’ Brett Resnick]
  4. Here & Now [feat. Jimmy Zavala & Michael Cleveland]
  5. Nothing Lasts Forever [feat. Ty Bailie & Fran Banish]
  6. That’s All [feat. Michael Cleveland & Ty Bailie]
  7. Let It Go [feat. Jimmy Zavala]
  8. Time When We Were Close [feat. Justin Moses & Michael Cleveland]
  9. Still Gone [feat. Michael Cleveland&  Smokin’ Brett Resnick]
  10. Athanasia [feat. Michael Cleveland]
  11. Coming Home [feat. Michael Cleveland & Justin Moses]
  12. Small Words [feat. Michael Cleveland & Justin Moses]
  13. Sorry (Closeout 602) [feat. Doug Pettibone and Michael Cleveland]

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