Our artist service label Dr. Music Records rounds off the musical care service of Dr. Music Promotion and enables bands the worldwide physical and digital distribution of their self-financed albums through our distribution partners Soulfood Music Distribution and recordJet.

Dr. Music Records is a healthy alternative to a licensing deal with a traditional record company as the musicians retain all distribution rights and the artists receive the significantly higher share of the sales revenues. One advantage of this is that you can sell your own CDs at gigs without any loss and without being bound to a company on a long run. The Dr. Music Records artist service label model gives artists the complete freedom and still provides all professional channels that are necessary for a successful release.

The distribution deal is bounded to a PR campaign through Dr. Music Promotion. Our docs gladly give you some advice in regard to our PR services for print, online, radio and TV among others.

Our team, of course, also takes over the label and distribution management and ensures that Soulfood music receives all important information about the release in order to get the CDs on the racks of retailers like Saturn, Media Markt or Amazon as well as scene retailers like EMP, Just For Kicks or Glitterhouse. Founded in 2002, Soulfood Music has developed to become one of Germany’s three largest independent distributors. With more than 100 labels and a cross-genre market presence ranging from Metal, Rock, Pop, Urban and Jazz to World Music – Soulfood Music has become a major network in the German music industry. Our digital distribution partner recordJet supplies the best possible placement of our music in the numerous download shops and streaming services like iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify, Deezer, YouTube Music and many more.

Furthermore, we advise our musicians and give them tips on how they can support the marketing of their music on their own. If a CD duplication is required we can gladly help you as well with our network of specialists.

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