The specialist department Dr. Music Management is responsible for the exclusive artist developement and coaches and supervises outstanding artists and bands at all important questions and decisions of a healthy career strategy and development, to condition them up for the music business. We try to maximize the potential of the artist contentwise and businesswise through a strategic and creative development and cooperation. At our work, we place a high value on the healthy balance between economic success and the credibility of the artist to build up a long-lasting identification between artists and fans.

Dr. Music Management accompanies and supports our artists at the reaching of their individual goals. Whether that is through the intervention of an appropriate producer, negotiations with labels, music distributors, tour promoter, merchandisers, endorsers, sponsors or advertisment partners or the takeover of the band administration with the GEMA & GVL bureaucracy, as well as the validation of contracts, if necessary in cooperation with experienced specialized lawyers. The surveillance of all billings, along with the general accounting is of course likewise a range of duty of Dr. Music Management. The organisation and coordination of the different duties of the artist at record productions and releases, promotion dates, live performances, photo or video shootings also belongs to the targeted and sustainable progress.

We gladly takeover the coaching in the department of social media, marketing and PR, besides the classic artist management. Through our all-round carefree service, we tickle out the individual strenghts of the artist and encourage their talent and potential. Our goal is to grow together with our bands and artists and to start a long-run and successful career.


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