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First of all, Dr. Music Booking is not a concert and tour booking agency! But we help bands and artists to find the right booking agency and support our management and publishing artists with their festival applications and mediation of support slots for established acts.

Nowadays it is very important for an artist or a band not only to release a good album and to promote it cross-medially, but also to present it live to the audience in order to expand the fanbase. With our booking agency submissions, we introduce our artists and bands to the right partners for their target group. With our festival applications, we take notice of the right event with the right rhythm to reach the matching fans of the musicians.

But please keep in mind, that first of all we need good PR arguments for the potential booking agencies and festival organizers to be able to find the suitable partner for you. Without an album released through established distribution partners accompanied by a professional PR campaign, it will be difficult to convince efficient agencies to work together. Finally, it is the fans who have to come to the clubs in large numbers to cover the costs of the event with their concert tickets.

It is also important for festival organizers that you have a certain level of popularity whether through press reviews or your previous live concerts. It is also important for the applications that you have good live or music videos so that the promoters and bookers are able to see that you are not only smashing on CD.

If you don’t have a label or distribution partner yet, have a look at the artist & label services of Dr. Music Records and get a distribution deal in combination with a PR campaign prescribed by our specialists.

In case you are already working with a distributor, but do not yet have any press feedback, our docs at Dr. Music Promotion will gladly advise you about our PR services for print, online, radio and TV as well as playlist pitching.

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