The deathrock ghost train arrives!

The Heartbreak Motel

The Heartbreak Motel | Handguns Make The Most LoveWhen all you have is a hammer, doesn’t everything around you look like nails? When all you ever had is burning down in front of you and all that’s left is a buzzsaw, doesn’t everything around you seem to be a wood? A ghosttrain fueled with passion, an aimless crusade so pure and dangerous… Welcome to the world of THE HEARBREAK MOTEL. A deathrockmonster, dark and sick like a cold winternight, altough almost innocent and beautiful. Dark driven rock without any compromises, full of dynamic and energy. Rough fragments swallow bittersweet melodies without any melancholy. They take no prisoners, they give you freedom from a guillotine, darling. These boys never hide or sink their heads…other bands like Beatsteaks, Backyard Babies, Randy, Nada Surf, The Bones and a thousand more had to feel this during the past 220 shows, when these hellchilds entered the stage. After releasing the album “Handguns Make The Most Love” they’re ready to explode and set free themselves from this snakepit full of bugs and whores… A merciless haunt is on the run… so better watch out or do you prefer to die!?


Michael Laur de Manos: Vocals
Alan Kassab: Guitar, Vocals
Markus Frevel: Guitar
Frederick Matuschczyk: Drums
Stefan Menzel: Bass, Vocals

Tracklist “Handguns Make The Most Love”:

  1. White Doves & Lollipop Virgins
  2. Zero Sleep / Death Supreme
  3. Pills & Thrills
  4. The Intentional Strangers
  5. Handguns Make The Most Love
  6. Flight Of The Nephilin
  7. Morphine Nights & Silhouette Dreams
  8. Black Widow
  9. Most Difficult Letters
  10. Hellbound
  11. Wrong Train
  12. Ride Of The Nephilim

2007 Handguns Make The Most Love | Limited Access Records

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Limited Access Records |

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